Take Control of Your Home Energy

SMP 200 OH

Main Panel

COST : $1700

Solar Subpanel

COST : $280

Solar Disconnect

COST : $170

Battery Disconnect

COST : $170

Utility Meter

COST : $100

Backup Meter

COST : $100

Critical Load Center

COST : $280

AFCI Breakers

COST : $900

Battery Gateway

COST : $1900

What is a Smart Circuit Breaker Panel?

A Smart Circuit Breaker Panel is an advanced version of a traditional breaker panel that can be remotely controlled, monitored and analyzed through software. It allows for energy management, fault detection and notification of issues.

Who holds the copyright to the Smart Circuit Breaker Panel technology?

The copyright of Smart Circuit Breaker Panel technology typically belongs to the company or individual who developed it. This could vary based on specific products as several companies may hold patents and copyrights for their own versions.

What are the legal implications if someone infringes on the copyright of a Smart Circuit Breaker Panels design or technology?

If someone infringes on this copyright, they could face legal consequences such as fines, penalties, and possibly even imprisonment. They would also be required to cease all use and production of the copied technology.

How does copyright protection benefit the creators of Smart Circuit Breaker Panels?

Copyright protection ensures that creators have exclusive rights over their innovation for a certain period. This allows them to profit from their work, encourages further innovation in the field, and prevents others from copying their technology without permission.

Can I use parts or concepts from existing smart circuit breaker panels in my own designs without violating copyright laws?

Generally speaking, using parts or concepts from copyrighted works without permission constitutes infringement. However, there can be exceptions under fair use doctrine like educational purposes etc., but its best to consult with a patent attorney before proceeding with such actions.

All Integrated Into


Replaces numerous components and eliminates $5,735 in material & labor costs

Based on average costs in typical solar + battery installatioins