Take Smart Control of your home energy

  • Measure Energy Production
  • Control The Loads
  • Manage Electricty Flow
  • Connect Energy Storage
  • Dedicated Panel For Critical Loads
  • Connect EV
  • Connect Solar
  • Store Energy
Solar Main Panel

Meet Smart Main Panel!

SMP is a combination of all components that are required to complete the solar panel system installation process. It will reduce the cost of solar panel system installation significantly and increase home value through its streamlined look and functionality. SMP will eliminate equipment and excess wires hanging from the walls.

What is SMP?

SmartMainPanel (SMP) is a residential main electrical panel with additional busbars for a residential solar panel system load and critical load center. The main busbar is divided by a jumper to separate the critical loads from the main load busbar.


SMP has a built-in gateway and monitoring device that will measure energy consumption and energy production. By measuring energy usage and production by home, SMP will be able to manage energy sources and loads, balance energy usage and reduce energy costs by balancing and controlling it.

CURB Home Energy Monitoring System On Display

Energy Management and Control

With SMP you will be able to manage all your residential solar panel system usage or production through one app and software. For example, if you have a Tesla electric car, Enphase inverters and a Sonnen battery, there will be no way to connect all three apps or software into one. The main idea of having more than two energy sources is to have a single “brain” that will control that energy flow. SMP will be able to manage and provide data on all energy sources and consumption.

Home Automation

SMP will also provide home automation. With SMP software, homeowners will be able to control their home loads and energy consumption. Software will also allow users to turn off high-energy production devices.

Efficient and Interactive

With SMP, you will be able to run your residential solar panel system very efficiently, taking into account grid interactivity and electric rate schedules. SMP will keep track of time in order to control which energy needs to be used, where, and at what time.

Solar Main Panel Diagram