Take Smart Control Of Your Home’s Energy

The current available Model is 200.OH ( With selected features)

  • Measure Energy Production
  • Connect Energy Storage
  • Connect Solar
  • Store Energy
  • Dedicated Panel For Critical Loads
  • Connect EV
Solar Main Panel

Meet Smart Main Panel!

SMP is a combination of all components into one that is required to complete the solar installation process. It will reduce the cost of solar installation significantly and increase home value through its streamlined and clean aesthetic look. SMP will eliminate equipment hanging from walls and the solar wires will come directly to the main panel without the need for mounting and wiring on the wall.

What is SMP?

SmartMainPanel (SMP) is a residential main electrical panel with additional busbars for a solar and critical load center. The main busbar is divided by a jumper to separate the critical loads from the main load busbar.

SMP has a built-in gateway and monitoring device that will measure energy consumption and energy production. While measuring energy usage and production in homes, SMP will be able to manage energy sources and loads, balance energy usage, and reduce energy costs by balancing and controlling it.

CURB Home Energy Monitoring System On Display

Energy Management and Control

With SMP you will be able to manage all your energy usage or production via one app/software. For instance, if you have a Tesla electric vehicle, Enphase inverters, and/or a Sonnen battery, there is no current way that you can connect and manage all three apps or software into one. The main point of having more than two energy sources or consumption is to have a single “brain” that will control that energy flow. SMP has the ability to manage and provide data on all energy sources and consumption, including, but not limited to:

  • Utility energy usage
  • Electric car usage
  • Solar production
  • Battery storage
  • Energy capacity
  • Allowance generator input and output energy control
  • Home energy control

Home Automation

SMP will also provide home automation. With SMP software, homeowners will be able to turn their home loads on and off and control energy consumption. Moreover, the software will also allow you to control high energy usage or production devices.

Efficient and Interactive

With the new and revolutionary Smart Main Panel, you will be able to set different parameters and let your house run very efficiently, with grid and electric rate schedule interactive. SMP will keep track of time ( whether in future addition) in order to control which energy needs to be used, where, and at what time.

Solar Main Panel Diagram

What Makes Smart Main Panel Different?

Everybody has an electric panel in their home. The design has not changed in decades. Smart technology-enabled electric panels are the latest technology. These systems can be used independently or in conjunction with a standard panel. However, they are attractive to energy-savvy homeowners because of their unique features.

What is Smart Electrical Panel?

Smart Panels can be used to manage power distribution. They are easy to use and connect via ethernet. These panels allow your home’s electrical system equipment to communicate directly with you. Instead of spending days or even weeks gathering information, you can get it in real time. The data is displayed clearly on your smart device or computer, giving you a bigger picture that allows you to easily track the electrical system status of your building.

Smart Panels Concentrate on Load Management and Energy Consumption

Smart electrical panels are able to manage the load. Although technology isn’t necessarily new in monitoring how much energy a home uses, the ability to control how that energy is being used is. These panels use relays to control circuits and report back to an app on a smartphone. The user can see the levels of each circuit and can turn each circuit on or off.

Optimize Energy Storage Systems

Smart electrical panels are useful for a solar-powered battery system or generator. These energy storage systems used to be controlled by separate circuit panels. Users couldn’t change circuits at will. For those who weren’t, the backup would run the entire house. This could drain batteries too quickly, or draw too much power from the generator to be effective.

Instead of energizing an entire house with a battery backup system generator, the user can select which circuits are turned on or off when the generator kicks in. This reduces the load and allows for safer transfers.

Solar-powered batteries can be used to avoid running out of power. They can program the electrical system so that it switches to the battery and controls which circuits stay on and which ones shut down. Alternatively, they can be switched remotely via the compatible app.

Users can choose which circuits they want to energize based on their priority

In the past, you could only flip the breakers to determine which circuits were active or disabled. Smart electrical panels allow you to do this even in an emergency. They can toggle circuits manually, but they can also program schedules that are prioritized. Furthermore, smart electrical panels can set up critical loads such as heat and refrigeration to stay on at all times. They can turn on certain circuits, like television or WIFI, or completely shut off other circuits. These features are a big difference in today’s energy utility marketplace. Users can adjust the amount they use automatically by using their smartphones, as there are many suppliers who raise prices in high-demand hours (typically at night).

CURB Home Energy Monitoring System On Display

There is a Smart Electrical Panels for every scenario

There are panels that can be used to upgrade existing electrical systems, as well as those that can be used for the new installation process. Retrofit panels are designed to replace existing electrical panels. These panels can be added to the system as often as required by installers. The smart panel replaces a standard panel and has main breakers, relays, and all other components integrated into one unit.

If you plan to make a major upgrade to a solar system or generator, these integrated units can be a great idea.

Advantages of Smarts Panels

A commonly used term is smart panels. What makes an electrical panel smart? What are the benefits of this technology for your home or business? 


A smart panel is an electric panel that has the intelligence to connect and measure energy. Intelligence can be found in sensors and energy meters, to name a few. This allows you to see what’s happening on the panel, and can also make all data visible. This can be done on-site using your laptop or remotely via an IP address.

The possibilities are endless. Throughout this read, we’ll briefly cover a few important elements to help you understand the benefits of a smart panel. For instance, our clients in the industry are always looking for ways to save money. They want to see where the energy guzzlers in their production plants are. A smart panel makes this possible by also monitoring the quality of the current.


Smart panels are essential for the offshore world’s connectivity. It is important to monitor drilling platforms remotely, as they are often left unmanned. if there is a connectivity problem, a detailed message is sent to you with the exact data & level of the switch. Therefore, your repair team doesn’t have to waste time trying to find the problem. Technology allows us to take action remotely. However, smart panels offer more than immediate benefits. It is important to understand all the conveniences of a smart panel. What does that mean? Preventive maintenance is a key benefit of our service department. They advise that you don’t wait for your electrical system to fail, but instead act quickly. This is where smart panels can be a key component. The right data can make it easier to evaluate situations and take action. Smart home solutions are also dependent on how your home/business views maintenance in the future.

Smart Main Panel Upgrade

Our Smart Main Panel turns any standard electrical panel into a smart panel that can provide not only real-time energy consumption data, and circuit-level control, but also boosts the performance of home microgrids with advanced load control and energy automation.  

The indoor circuit breaker box is all-white and comes with an optional observation. Smart Panel circuit breakers include user-friendly diagnostics such as color indicators inside each rocker handle to indicate operating status and easy-to-read LEDs that indicate fault type (AF/GF) when tripped.

Our single data hub is installed at the panel and smart circuit breakers work the same way as standard circuit breakers. Our app automatically detects and connects smart circuit breakers. Setup of Wi-Fi(r), or Ethernet (hardwire) connectivity is easy and straightforward.

Our licensed electricians will handle the installation of these Smart Panels. The installation costs for replacing an old electric panel are the same as those for replacing it. Hallways, living rooms, basements, and kitchens are all possible installation areas for Smart Panels. In fact, Smart Panels blend seamlessly into indoor spaces.


Additionally, a Smart Main Panel has the fastest-installing circuit breaker on the market. This saves builders’ and contractors’ time and increases job site efficiency. The fastest trim-out process is also available. Circuit breakers up to 60A have a fully plug-on design. This means that the entire panel can be wired at rough in. To complete the circuit, plug in the breaker at the trim-out. Smart Main Panel offers many types of circuit breakers to fit your project’s needs. There are many types of circuit breakers available: Standard, AFCI/GFCI, GFCI/GFCI, GFPE, and GFCI/GFCI. We offer the most advanced and fastest-installing circuit breaker panels on the market. The all-in-one design2 makes it easy to install, which saves valuable time and increases productivity.

Here at our Smart Main Panel company, we are dedicated to providing quality products and craftsmanship to our customers at a fair price. We have over 2500 reviews and more than 10,000 jobs each year. Our newest model is currently in pre-sale for only $100. We are proud to say that our highly-trained technicians do the job right. For all your cooling and heating needs, contact us today to learn more about Smart Main Panels. 


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