Smart electrical panel for homes
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Smart electrical panel for homes

Smart Electrical Panel for Homes

It’s time to get smart – This guide will explain what smart electrical panels are and why you need one for your home.

What is a Smart Panel?

Every home has an electric panel. The electrical panel is a thin, metal box that has a door and circuit breaker. It can be hidden in a basement, garage or other corner. It’s not something you think about unless you have to flip a switch. An electrical panel that is smart and state-of-the-art is a powerhouse on steroids. This panel is packed with technology that allows you to monitor and manage your power consumption around the clock. You can save money on your energy bills.

A smart electrical panel designed is similar to an old phone. Although the basic function of a smart panel is the same as a traditional one, it offers more functionality and modern conveniences. Upgrade your panel if you’re moving towards electrification.

What are the possibilities for a newer panel?

An older electrical panel that has “smart” capability distributes electricity to all circuits in your house. It functions in the same way as a traditional electric panel. Both panels can also be used as circuit breakers to protect the system from surges and short circuits. Modern panels eliminate the need to inspect circuit breakers physically to determine which circuit is defective. The panel’s technology keeps you in touch. You can see if any circuit breakers are tripped and control which circuits are active at any given time.

Reduce energy consumption and manage your costs

A smart panel is basically an energy management system. It acts as your brain to optimize your home’s energy use and reduce your electricity consumption.

You can monitor and manage your energy load with smartphone apps or computers. It displays how much power each circuit draws. It allows homeowners to turn circuits on or off as they need. This allows owners to schedule or prioritize circuits. You can prioritize areas of your home’s electrical system that have high power loads such as the heater or refrigerator in winter. The panel can delay charging until utility rates are at their highest, so an EV can be plugged in as soon as you arrive home.

Today, more homes have solar power or backup batteries. Smart panels allow you to switch between power sources in these homes and control the electricity consumption. This flexibility and the data provided through the sensor boards of the panels will allow you to maximize efficiency while minimizing utility bills.

You can also use solar power to recharge your electric battery system. You can then use the power of the battery system even when the sun isn’t shining. To save money, you can choose to draw power from the batteries only when utility rates are high. However, this will limit the power that is directed to specific appliances or parts of your home. This will help to keep your energy costs down on hot summer days.

Keep your power on

Homeowners who have a solar array or a storage system must also choose the loads they want to back up during a power cut. Smart electrical panels allow you to change the loads or back up that are running in real-time. This allows you to use backup power only when you absolutely need it and will make it last longer.

Many smart panels have battery management capabilities. This allows you to automatically maintain your backup battery at the optimal level so it is ready for use.

Why is a smart panel necessary?

In a world where electricity was not so important, an old-fashioned electric panel was sufficient. There are many factors that have made it more difficult to electrify and give you more control over how much energy you use.

Rising utility bills. The price of energy is rising. A smarter, upgraded panel will allow you to take control of your energy consumption and spend. It provides reporting capabilities and mobile control to monitor which circuits are running, rather than letting them run all day.

The rising use of electricity. There are many factors that drive energy consumption. Let’s face facts. It is likely that you will soon be using more electrical appliances and tools today than 20 years ago. There are many examples: computers, mobile devices, large appliances such as clothes dryers or electric ranges. With EV adoption rates increasing rapidly, there is more demand for vehicle chargers around the clock. A panel that allows you to take advantage of off peak rates will increase your return on an EV purchase.

An aging, unreliable grid. Federal money has been allocated to modernize the aging electrical infrastructure. It will still take a while to modernize the grid. Due to increasing severity of weather events, there is more potential for blackouts that can last several days or roll over. When using backup batteries, smart panels are essential for reliable home power solutions.

Reduce your carbon footprint. The climate change process is almost irreversible. Everyone can make a difference by reducing carbon emission and energy consumption. You will need high-efficiency heat pump air and water heaters if you plan to go all-electric. Qualified contractors are also required to install the technology. But, technology is not worth the cost if it’s not used to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Smart panels offer a reliable and safe solution to electrification projects. Smart panels are the best choice for projects that will increase electricity use or draw the most power. They are able to prioritize critical circuits using battery backup systems, and can provide short circuit protection and surge protection for traditional panels. They will eventually become standard, similar to how smartphones have replaced landlines. These panels can also be used to manage more loads in commercial buildings and multifamily rentals.

Smart Main Panel electrical panel now accessible via Alexa-enabled devices

Smart Main Panel, an electrical panel manufacturer, today announced that it has received additional funding of $20 million from the HSB Fund of Munich Re Ventures and the Alexa Fund. Existing investors will continue to participate. Smart Main Panel began shipping its Smart Main Panel to customers this summer 2020. This latest investment will allow it to expand its reach to homeowners as well as develop new products.

Smart Main Panel has reinvented the electrical panel in order to make it easier to adopt clean energy and provide a powerful but intuitive virtual interface for the home. The Smart Main Panel provides precise energy monitoring at circuit level, as well as onboard intelligence and controls. Smart Main Panel provides smarter energy management through insights into your home’s energy use and customizable backup that extends home battery protection. All of this is accessible via the Smart Main Panel App.

Customers will be able to use Alexa voice integration to control energy in their smart homes. Alexa-enabled appliances can be used by customers to turn on any circuit breaker panel or appliance, determine the energy source, and discover which appliance is using most power. Customers can link their accounts and take actions such as checking on their power consumption by asking Alexa to ask the Smart Main Panel which appliance is consuming most power.

“The next decade will be all about home electrification, and accelerating the adoption of clean energy. Founder of Smart Main Panel and CEO, said that it was great to attract investors who share our long-term vision. He also helped Smart Main Panel innovate in the energy and service markets. He previously headed the Tesla Energy product team. We see the Amazon Alexa voice commands as an important step to making consumers more aware of their energy usage and make control of every part of their home easier and more convenient.

Getting qualified help

New possibilities are being opened by smart electrical panels. They differ from one model or brand to the next. There are many variables, including the number of circuits and their capacity. It is a smart idea to consult an electrician before purchasing a panel. As fossil fuels become less common, a Certified Installer can help determine your current and future needs.

How do you find an electrician who is reliable and competent to upgrade your electrical panel? The Smart Main Panel is your partner.

Smart Main Panel’s network of certified installers can help you to modernize your home using one of these panels. We provide trusted, qualified installation solutions for homeowners and property managers as well as EV owners, fleet managers, and other people interested in electrification. Smart Main Panel can help your home become smarter by contacting you today.

What is a Smart Electrical Panel for homes?

A Smart Electrical Panel is a device that integrates digital technology into home electrical systems. It allows homeowners to monitor, control, and manage their electricity usage remotely through an app on their smartphones or tablets.

How does a Smart Electrical Panel work as a backup?

In the event of a power outage, some smart panels can automatically switch to backup power sources like generators or solar panels. They ensure that essential devices continue to run smoothly even during blackouts by prioritizing energy distribution based on your preferences.

How does the circuit breaker feature function in a Smart Electrical Panel?

The circuit breaker in a smart panel protects your home from electrical overloads or short circuits. If it detects any abnormality, it will immediately cut off the electrical flow to prevent potential damage and fire hazards.

What role does technology play in enhancing the functionality of Smart Electrical Panels?

Technology enhances the functionality of smart panels by allowing remote access, real-time monitoring of energy consumption, predictive maintenance alerts, and integration with other smart home devices such as thermostats and lights for optimized energy use.

Can I integrate my existing home appliances with the Smart Electrical Panel?

Yes, most modern smart panels are designed to be compatible with existing home appliances. However, its best to check with your manufacturer or installer for specific compatibility details before purchasing one.